Digital Photography Course Details

Digital Photography Course Details
Enjoy Your Photography - The Delight of Photography

Course Overview
The obvious aim of the course is to guide you into all the creative techniques you can use by making use of what your camera offers.
It is primarily intended for people with cameras which enable you to select different settings such as Aperture, Speed, Program and Manual.
If your camera does not have these we also cover the use of modes and exposure compensation which will add much to your photography.
It is highly recommended that you bring your instruction manual - either in printed form or downloaded onto your laptop.

We cover all the basic settings to set the scene - Auto, Aperture, Speed, ISO. This is done in a straightforward easy to follow manner.
As we finish each section you have the opportunity to practice on your camera and to take images so that you fully understand.
Questions can be asked at any time.

The whole course is planned to be easy to follow and great fun in a very relaxed atmosphere,
Having the E Book on the course is great for any follow up.