Digital Photography Course Details

Digital Photography Course Details
Enjoy Your Photography - The Delight of Photography

Course Overview

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced amateur, whether you have a compact camera, cell phone camera or DSLR your photography will benefit significantly from this course. You can also learn to see the World from a whole different perspective! This popular course is unlike any standard one day course.

Over the two modules, we take you through a carefully thought out sequence involving clear illustrations of principles and unique images to highlight each point….the use of many illustrative images makes everything easily understandable. These are all to encourage you to really enjoy your camera.

How the digital camera works – photographic techniques – helping you appreciate how camera features can assist you – it really is all about understanding and enjoying your camera!

We spend some fascinating time on composition – how to take pictures rather than snapshots – again, each point is illustrated with sample images. This is a crucial section, and so, it is split over both modules as there is a lot to absorb! This is a really excellent section which people really enjoy.

Now that you have your photographs in your camera – what to do with them?

We go through how to move your files to your computer, how to organize your files, how to back them up, how to find photographs easily.

Now that you have your photographs beautifully organized on your computer we go through how you can do basic enhancing – if necessary! Straighten horizons, crop pictures, brighten/darken pictures, improve contrast etc – all done using Picasa, a free software programme, which provides a wonderful introduction to the world of digital enhancement.
Again, everything is covered visually with examples to illustrate exactly what we are doing.

Now that your photographs are all picture perfect, we finish off with examples of how you can make the best use of them - digital frames, slide shows, prints, posters, e-mail, the web, albums etc etc

Over eight hundred people of all photographic skill levels have been through these courses, enjoyed them immensely and developed a new, fascinating understanding of the wonderful hobby that is photography.

You are shown how you can really enjoy this hobby irrespective of your skill level and the camera you use.